Maanas started as an endeavor to keep young children away from the streets, begging or picking rags. AIHDC wanted to give an opportunity for life to these children, with education, nutrition and counseling. While we were trying to secure funding for a school, we started out with camps for children who were living in the backward areas of Gurgaon. In a few months of scouting, we found a suitable building and established a school room. The infrastructure was built up gradually, with classrooms for various ages, more volunteers & sponsors joining to help the endeavor .The children too, became more confident gradually and started enjoying the process of coming to school over their loitering days.
• To prevent the children from falling into the traps of anti-social elements and giving them a better environment to grow.
• To provide education and counseling to the underprivileged children.
• To help them become a better person.
• To help them recognize and harness their skills for their brighter future.
• To provide nutrition and healthcare to these children.

School Principal
Rupa Mahajan – 9999207884

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