The Trust All India Human Development Council has been formed to provide health services to under privilege section of society and also spreading awareness of nutrition on human being in their life cycle whether they are child / adult or old age.
As Trust main objective is to make sure that every citizen of our country has reach in health services apart from cast / creed / religion it surveyed the DLF Phase –V area and its surrounding areas of Gurgaon and found it is surrounded by various high profile hospitals which is not in the reach of the poor families having less income to pay their heavy charges of even simple illness.
Keeping in view this Socio economic problems and deeply pondering over the reason our trustee with the help of Corporate sectors having stake in the area wants to establish and maintain a charitable dispensary for all the people irrespective of cast and creed to avail the facility of medical treatment and also avail subsidised laboratory test if advised by the doctors.

Objective of the Project:
1. To help the civil society in keeping the environment near to their settlement free from spreading water born diseases by health awareness programme      organised in these area in some intervals for keeping the area fit for good health.
2. It will also save the earnings of these down trodden section of society being spent on their treatment by providing free / subsidised treatment.
3. To soften the burden on Govt. run dispensary by diluting the number of sick people earlier que’s for getting free / subsidised treatment.
4. To help Govt. in immunisation scheme for the children such as Pulse Polio Programme, Hepatitis B and other mass health related programme run by the      state Govt.

Co Ordinators
Sushma Mundra – 9873568217
Leena Vivek Naik – 8879177518

Available Facilities

Card fee : 10 rs only(one time)
Doctor Fee : Free
Medicines : Free
Eyes checkup : Free

Doctor Facility Day Schedule
Gynaecologist MBBS,Gynespe Monday 10:30-1:30
Vaccination (Motherhood – Child) (Government) Monday 10.30-1.30
Eye specialist MBBS,MS Tuesday 11:00-1:00
ENTdoctor MBBS,MS Thursday 11:30-12:30
Common Diseases M.B.B.S (Gen. Phy) Daily 10.30-1.30
Homeopathic-doctor BHMS Dailly 10:30-4:00
Physiotherapy Rao Physiotherapist Monday,Friday 12.00-1.00

Note: (Dispensary will be close on sunday)

Extra Facilities

Blood Test (All Type of medical facilities are available at very low prices)
Urine Test
Vaccination & Glucose

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