Health Check Up Camps


One of the major disadvantages faced by underprivileged children is the lack of proper nutrition which leads to minor and major ailments related to normal development. Timely checkups as well as monitoring are critical to the overall health and wellbeing of these children. One of the modules being run by AIHDC is the “Grow Healthy” Project. In this module, we partner with schools run by government and NGO’s for underprivileged children to set up general health camps. We have associated with a panel of doctors/ medical practitioners who work with AIHDC regularly for these camps. The main activity of this module is to set up free, periodic, general health camps to check the general health and monitor the development of the children according their age. Children are issued health cards to record the progress of their height and weight. Their eye sight is checked for defects and spectacles are issued for children with weak eyesight. Dental checkups are done to monitor and advice on oral hygiene. In case the child is diagnosed with signs of more severe weakness or ailments, the teachers and parents are advised to refer the case to specialized doctors. This is a preventive measure to ensure that timely action and treatment is available to the children.

GROW HEALTHY: An Awareness Drive

ALL INDIA HUMAN DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL organizes awareness drives for children/ pre teens (5-12 years old). This module is typically conducted for children of well to do families, whose basic healthcare needs are well taken care of. However, in the fast paced world of today,sometimes unhealthy food practices and laz habits often lead to lifestyle problems like weight gain as well as obesity.Purpose An initiative to help children understand what keeps them healthy and to encourage good habits from a young age. To raise conscious, well rounded citizens for a brighter future.
Design of the Module
The module is designed in a fun and interactive way, so that children understand the importance of growing healthy and learn the concepts in a way that they are likely to remember. The moderators divide the event into parts.


ALL INDIA HUMAN DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL organizes periodic free health check up camps in residential colonies for
the female domestic help working in the colony. A qualified doctor assists us in the camp to diagnose their common
problems. According to their requirements, AIHDC supplies free medicine & supplements (typically calcium, iron, multi vitamins & folic acid). AIHDC co-ordinates with the Residents Welfare Association to organize the space in the colony for the camp to be set up. We also advertise the dates and location of the camp well in advance, so that residents are made aware and they encourage their maids to attend the camp.Our ambition is to organize these camps twice a year for each colony, so that underprivileged women, who are least careful about their diet and well being, get an opportunity to get relief and supplementation to keep them healthier long term.

Camp Co Ordinator
Anjali Grover – 9560370333